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20 Ways to Save On Your Utilities

For most Canadians, our utilities can be our highest costs per month outside of rent and mobile. In fact, the average utility bills across the country adds up to just under $150 a month - but can easily crawl to $250, depending on where you live. Despite the potentially high costs, there are ways to reduce your utility costs that don’t require taking drastic measures. Check out these tips to lowering your monthly utilities - then find out how 310-LOAN can help you manage a surprisingly high bill!

11 Ways to Lower Your Hydro Bill

It’s no surprise that 60 per cent of our hydro bill goes towards heating our homes during Canadian winters. But did you know that every degree above 20 that you set the thermostat, costs you up to an additional 5 per cent? Let’s look at how we can cool the costs.

  1. Buy a programmable thermostat that you can set lower or higher while you’re out and have it perfectly ambient by the time you get home. You can also turn it down while you sleep and use that as an excuse to snuggle.
  2. Close the vents to unoccupied rooms to help bring the temperature to your preferred setting in rooms you are using, without taking as much time. While you’re at it, shut the door as you leave.

  3. Don’t crank the thermostat either up or down. Let it take the time it needs to more efficiently warm or cool the rooms.

  4. Check your window caulking and feel for air movement. If you feel a breeze, seal the gaps. The same can be applied to any opening, including doors, fireplaces, garage door, mail slot in your front door, and even the dog door.

  5. In the winter, wrap your windows with plastic film. It’s time-consuming, but not cost consuming.

  6. Set ceiling fans to a counterclockwise motion in the summer to help cool rooms, and a clockwise motion during winter to push warm air down.

  7. Unplug whatever is not in constant use, such as hair dryers and phone chargers. They still use power even when not in use.

  8. Change your furnace filter about once a month. The more clogged it is, the harder both the furnace and the AC have to work to push air through.

  9. According to BC Hydro, turning down your water heater by 6 degrees can save you around 5 per cent on your bill. They recommend keeping it between 55 and 60 degrees.

  10. Make the switch to LED bulbs. It can cut your electric use by up to 75 per cent.

  11. Run your dishwasher overnight during off-peak hours to save about half the cost of running it during peak hours, such as when you get home from work.

9 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

If there’s one thing many Canucks can agree on, it’s that we like to take baths. In fact, up to 35 per cent of our domestic water use goes to soaking in the tub. Here are a few ways we can save without giving up the soaps and suds.

  1. Fill the bathtub around a quarter of the way instead of halfway when taking a bath.
  2. Installing a low-flow shower head can reduce your water usage up to 28,000 litres a year. That’s up to 60 per cent of your water usage.

  3. While you’re waiting for the water to warm up in your faucets, stick a bucket or jug underneath and save that cold water to stick in the fridge for a cool drink later on.

  4. Speaking of running water, don’t let it. While you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands, turn it off until you’re actually ready to use it again.

  5. An aerator typically costs only a few dollars per sink. The savings on water, though? Up to 50 per cent per tap.

  6. Speaking of faucets, fix your leaky ones. They can waste around 90 litres of water per faucet.

  7. Wait a little longer to cut your grass. This will help you avoid wasting water from over-watering.

  8. Adjust the water level in the toilet tank. Some use bricks or plastic water bottles and some use special tank bags. Both do the same thing: Raise and displace the water level in your toilet’s tank to let you flush with less water.

  9. If you have to water your lawn, do it in the morning or the evening. That midday sun will just evaporate the water.

310-LOAN Helps You Keep the Lights On

Utilities are one of those unknowns in life, as in, you never know exactly how much they’re going to cost. This can take a toll on your budget when you get a surprise bill that is higher than you expected. For those times, 310-LOAN is here to help you keep your hydro and water running. We can get you funds fast. In as little as 30 minutes upon approval, you can have cash deposited directly into your account, ensuring you can pay your bills on time and avoid late fees. Our payday loan application process is simple and quick - and it can be completed entirely online. Get started on your application now!

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